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If You’re Experiencing These Problems, Plastics Can Help

This article is non-specific in that it doesn’t discuss a single plastic or application. It is geared towards those involved in maintenance at sawmills, planar mills, and OSB plants when something is wrong and a solution isn’t self-evident. In what type of situations should you consult with a knowledgeable plastics distributor, such as Redwood Plastics … Continue reading »

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The Benefits of Nylon Sorter Sheaves

Swapping out customer’s existing metal sorter sheaves for our nylon sheaves is a typical sawmill application for industrial plastic. But why should you consider this investment? The answer comes down to the fundamental properties of nylon and the benefits it offers to your mill. Unlike most metals, nylon sorter sheaves will not rust and they … Continue reading »

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On-Site Sawmill Audit

Are you a purchaser or a maintenance manager at a North American sawmill? Are you curious how performance plastics might be able to positively affect your bottom line and lower costs such as you’ve read on this website previously? While we can only offer it in select territories, Redwood Plastics and Rubber’s team of technical … Continue reading »

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Redco Polyurethane In Sawmill Applications

Out of all the plastics used in sawmills polyurethane is the most versatile. The material is available from “eraser soft” to “bowling ball” hard and permits a use in a very wide range of applications. A quick overview of the different types of Redco polyurethanes and potential applications: Redco Deadplate: at 52A this is our … Continue reading »

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Double/Triple Saw Blade Carrier

Redwood Plastics’ saw blade carrier is one of our more innovative sawmill solutions: meant to reduce the risk of injury in what is traditionally a dangerous task – transporting saw blades. The carrier’s tear resistant polyurethane design allows for these blades to be moved with less danger the the employee. The standard carrier handles only … Continue reading »

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The Impact Of Plastics In Sawmills

On this website we often focus on specific applications or plastics used in sawmill and planar mill applications. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the big picture – why are we using plastics in the mill in the first place? Meaning, what are the benefits for you and your operation by switching to plastic? Firstly, … Continue reading »

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Redco Hi-Temp Yellow Kiln Wheel Bushings

The Redco Hi-Temp Yellow kiln wheel bushing continues to be tested, and adopted, by sawmills across North America. Compared with the traditional blue nylon bushings, the Hi-Temp Yellows will outwear and outlast the blue bushings. While we cannot guarantee how much longer they last, around 50-100% longer is typical with our current customers, which also … Continue reading »

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Urethanes Hard At Work

UHMW-PE gets a lot of attention in the mills as it is a proven solution with decades of success in a variety of sawmill and planar mill applications. However, the versatility and unique properties of polyurethane should be given equal attention. Urethanes can come in durometers (hardness) from eraser soft, to bowling ball hard. Functionally, this … Continue reading »

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Sawmill Solutions

If you are new to the sawmill industry you might be surprised by the use of industrial plastics in mills. If you look closely you may see plastics virtually everywhere in sight. Plastic sprockets, hooks, wheels, wear strips - all while mill chain is running on a bed of plastic channel. The reason for this volume of plastic is … Continue reading »

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Titanium Chain Channel

Yellow UHMW polyethylene chain channel has been a proven solution in mills for years. The plastic channel fits into existing metal channel and increases equipment life, reduces chain wear and reduces power requirements as equipment does not have to work as hard to pull the chain. Like any good technology, improvements are developed and capabilities … Continue reading »

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