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Solution Spotlight: PVC Strip Door – Keep The Cold Out!

With the fall comes a bitter chill in many sawmilling regions and it’s consequently the time to invest in PVC strip door supplied by Redwood Plastics and Rubber. PVC strip door covers open entrances helping to keep inside work spaces warm and clear of drafts. The product also serves to protect machinery from dust and … Continue reading »

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BL400 Dovetail Sawguides

Sawguides made from Redco BL400 are one of Redwood Plastics and Rubber’s ‘standard’ products. Stock is kept in full lengths at both our Canadian and U.S. Manufacturing facilities allowing for quick turnaround on orders. This product is a graphite-filled phenolic laminate and offers incredible structural, dimensional, and wear properties. These guides are compatible with any … Continue reading »

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Shark Fin Board Turner: FAQs

Redwood Plastics and Rubber has sold the Shark Fin Board Turning system for well over 20 years. In that time we’ve received plenty of questions about the system and its capabilities and as with any solution, the same set of questions tend to come up. This article is meant to address as many of these … Continue reading »

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PVC Strip Door – Keep The Cold Out Of Your Mill

In the world of engineered plastics solutions for sawmills – plastics that function – it can be easy to overlook some of the simpler applications. One of those is flexible PVC strip door available from Redwood Plastics and Rubber. This strip door is sold by the roll and is all cold-weather rated. This means it … Continue reading »

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SN Bearing Inserts – Part Numbers and Profiles

The Redco series of plastic SN bearing inserts is a popular sawmill product Redwood Plastics branches widely stock. These inserts are made of Redco 750 polyurethane and have proven their success in this application for decades. In the beginning, these inserts were meant as an emergency replacement for SN bearings but worked so well many … Continue reading »

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Sheaves For Sawmills

While not an application unique to sawmills, nylon sheaves bring the same benefits and advantages to sawmill applications as they do to any other industry. Plastic sheaves are long-lasting, lightweight, easy to install, and excel in high-load, low RPM applications. Another advantage of nylon sheaves is that the sheave itself can serve as a bearing: … Continue reading »

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Sawmill Spotlight: Brooks Sawmill

Have you seen the recent Leonardo Di Caprio film “The Revenant”? Some people know the film was made in Canada but most do not know where the building materials came from used to make the 19th century West come to life. It was Brooks Sawmill out of Cochrane, Alberta. A family run sawmill that has … Continue reading »

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Why Choose Plastic Sprockets?

For customers who haven’t used plastic sprockets before, at first the product seems like a novelty. Many users think that the sprockets will be cheaper than metal because “it’s just plastic”. When they find out this isn’t true the question inevitably comes up “then why choose plastic sprockets?” It’s a good question and the answer … Continue reading »

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Sawmill Spotlight: Hill Tavern Farm Wood Products

Highlighting this recent article about Jay Healy and his sawmill in Charlemont, MA. Jay is a former state legislator and agriculture secretary. What is interesting about his sawmill is not only does it harvest wood from his own family’s 500 acre tree farm (the largest in the state) but it’s extremely efficient. Jay boasts that … Continue reading »

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Sawmill Helps Build The World’s Largest Freestanding Timber Structure

Colorado Timberframe has recently supplied sewn lumber to the world’s largest freestanding timberframe structure: for the “Ark Encounter” exhibit in Williamstown, Kentucky. The size of this boat is staggering: it used 3.1 million board feet of timber, with 1/3rd of it being pine-beetle reclaimed Englemann spruce. The volume of the Ark is equivalent to 500 … Continue reading »

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