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Different UHMW Products Used In Sawmills

As it turns out to customers in the sawmill industry new to performance plastics: there isn’t a single grade of UHMW used in mills, in fact there are several. These plastics to those not in the industry can look very different and many people may be surprised to learn they’re all variations of UHMW polyethylene … Continue reading »

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Oregon Bend Spec Sheet

Our popular “Oregon Bends” are plastic chain channel we form into semicircles for when sawmill chain wraps around a bend. These are not a “standard” solution as the channel used, infeed and outfeed are different depending on the mill. To that end we’ve prepared a spec sheet that gives the customer everything they’d need to … Continue reading »

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Sawmill Application Solutions Video

“Seeing is believing” goes the old cliche and while we can talk about using plastics in sawmills, OSB, or planar mills, nothing beats seeing these solutions in action! Fortunately, Redwood Plastics and Rubber has created a short minute and a half video on YouTube showing a few of these applications in use. Highlighted in the … Continue reading »

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3 Custom UHMW Chain Channel Options

UHMW chain channel is used at most medium to large sawmills in North America. The product is wear resistant and slick, extending chain life. Primarily chain channel options are for H78 and 81x chain. Several profiles are available from Redwood Plastics and Rubber and you can view them HERE. However what if you need a … Continue reading »

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Custom Channel Insert

Chain channel insert is one of the most common plastic applications in sawmills. With good reason: the channel insert extends the life of chain, reduces the horsepower required to pull the chain and thus reduces maintenance downtime. Plus, compared to other plastic maintenance solutions, it’s quite inexpensive. But did you know Redwood Plastics can supply … Continue reading »

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New Channel Insert Literature

Redwood Plastics is pleased to announce the publication of our new channel insert literature. This literature consolidates and expands our line of channel insert, while making a few dimensions on certain profiles more accurate. These inserts are typically available in yellow/clean/repro UHMW and also our premium Redco Titanium UHMW (additional delivery time and minimum order … Continue reading »

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Titanium Strength

We’ve hinted at the applications for Redco Titanium UHMW in previous articles here (such as the Titanium option for chain channel). However, we wanted to highlight the material specifically as there are many applications in saw and planermills that would be better served by replacement with Redco Titanium. Redco Titanium is simply the slickest, strongest … Continue reading »

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Solutions In Action

When it comes to thinking of all the successful plastic applications in sawmills, words alone can’t do them justice. A few years ago Redwood Plastics developed a short 3 minute video highlighting various plastic solutions for sawmills. These products include bushings, bearings, sprockets, chain channel, sorter hooks, lugs and assorted customized plastic solutions. Similar metal … Continue reading »

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Chain Channel Profiles

UHMW chain channel and channel insertsĀ are one of the most common plastic applications in sawmills. The channel reduces power consumption and chain wear saving money on power use and premature chain replacement. As a proven solution, there are many standard profiles available for H87 and 81x chain. If one of the standard profiles does not … Continue reading »

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Titanium Chain Channel

Yellow UHMW polyethylene chain channel has been a proven solution in mills for years. The plastic channel fits into existing metal channel and increases equipment life, reduces chain wear and reduces power requirements as equipment does not have to work as hard to pull the chain. Like any good technology, improvements are developed and capabilities … Continue reading »

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