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Hi Temp Yellow Kiln Wheel Bushings

Customers often request our nylon kiln wheel bushings – a decades old solution for sawmills these bushings are long-lasting, reliable, and cost-effective. However, in the past 5 years we’ve started to offer a new variety we call the “High Temp Yellow” version. This version of nylon plastic involves a proprietary mix of fillers and plasticizers … Continue reading »

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The Benefits of Nylon Sorter Sheaves

Swapping out customer’s existing metal sorter sheaves for our nylon sheaves is a typical sawmill application for industrial plastic. But why should you consider this investment? The answer comes down to the fundamental properties of nylon and the benefits it offers to your mill. Unlike most metals, nylon sorter sheaves will not rust and they … Continue reading »

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Cost-Saving And Time-Saving Measures For Kiln Bushings

Redco kiln wheel bushings are a cost-effective solution that have been proven over decades of use. However, the turnaround time on orders often reaches 3-4 weeks, which doesn’t work for emergency needs. Besides stocking up on extra bushings, there is the possibility of stocking plastic rod, which is available in both Redco blue (heat-stabilized) nylon … Continue reading »

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Machine Your Own Kiln Bushings

Redwood Plastics and Rubber has a long history of providing premium quality machined kiln wheel bushings to customers. But leads times can often be 4 weeks or sometimes more to ship your bushings and there are times you simply cannot wait. The good news is we can often get tube stock to you, oversized on … Continue reading »

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Sheaves For Sawmills

While not an application unique to sawmills, nylon sheaves bring the same benefits and advantages to sawmill applications as they do to any other industry. Plastic sheaves are long-lasting, lightweight, easy to install, and excel in high-load, low RPM applications. Another advantage of nylon sheaves is that the sheave itself can serve as a bearing: … Continue reading »

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Solutions In Action!

We can talk all we want about different plastic applications in sawmills but you really need to see them in action as words just cannot do them justice. Redwood Plastics has recently posted a YouTube video of a number of applications. These are real Redco products in real applications for our customers. The video is … Continue reading »

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Phenolic Kiln Cart Bushings

We’ve discussed previously the applications cast nylon has as kiln cart bushings both the regular blue bushings and the Redco hi-temp yellow advanced bushings that have gained some real traction in the marketplace. However, certain kilns need something even stronger: a bushing to handle very heavy, waterlogged hardwoods and especially for applications where kiln carts … Continue reading »

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Kiln Wheel Bushings: Order Them Right

Kiln Wheel Bushings are an excellent nylon application for lumber kilns. Blue (heat-stabilized) nylon is practically synonymous with kiln wheel bushings, though phenolic laminates also have a large footprint with this application. Metal has a problem with seizing in this application, which is why plastic is so suitable. If you’re looking for a quotation you … Continue reading »

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“Super Nylon” PVM

Of all the performance plastics to hit the market in recent years, perhaps none has created as much interest as Redco™ PVM nylon. PVM stands for “Pressure-Velocity-Maximum” and is a performance material designed for the most demanding applications. PVM has already proven itself as a replacement in kiln cart bushings. Traditionally, these bushings were made out … Continue reading »

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Nylon Hard At Work

Cast nylon is a plastic that should not be overlooked in sawmill applications. Nylon is able to bear a large amount of load compared to other plastics, especially UHMW and PTFE but is readily available and reasonably priced. Nylon applications have actually been increasing in the mills over the years, one notable example is nylon … Continue reading »

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