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Rulon & Nylon Team Up For New Dry Kiln Fan Bearing

Recently one of the sawmill experts with Redwood Plastics started a test for a superior dry kiln fan bearing. Typically the standard bearings for the application are ~$1300.00 and we were asked to come up with something better and less expensive. Originally Redwood Plastics’ standard material for this application (Redco 750 polyurethane) was considered but … Continue reading »

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Redco Hi-Temp Yellow Kiln Wheel Bushings

The Redco Hi-Temp Yellow kiln wheel bushing continues to be tested, and adopted, by sawmills across North America. Compared with the traditional blue nylon bushings, the Hi-Temp Yellows will outwear and outlast the blue bushings. While we cannot guarantee how much longer they last, around 50-100% longer is typical with our current customers, which also … Continue reading »

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Kiln Wheel Bushings: Order Them Right

Kiln Wheel Bushings are an excellent nylon application for lumber kilns. Blue (heat-stabilized) nylon is practically synonymous with kiln wheel bushings, though phenolic laminates also have a large footprint with this application. Metal has a problem with seizing in this application, which is why plastic is so suitable. If you’re looking for a quotation you … Continue reading »

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