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If You’re Experiencing These Problems, Plastics Can Help

This article is non-specific in that it doesn’t discuss a single plastic or application. It is geared towards those involved in maintenance at sawmills, planar mills, and OSB plants when something is wrong and a solution isn’t self-evident. In what type of situations should you consult with a knowledgeable plastics distributor, such as Redwood Plastics … Continue reading »

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What Issues Do Plastics Solve In Sawmills?

We often write about specific plastic sawmill solutions and what benefits those offer in regards to sawmill/planarmill maintenance. However, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and look at the big picture of why we put industrial plastic in sawmills in the first place. It really comes down to a few primary problems that … Continue reading »

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Wasting Dollars In The Sawmill

We recently found an interesting article by Terence Brown, at one point a member of Oregon State University faculty and a member of the Department of Forest Products. Surprisingly, the document is about 35 years old, yet the messages are are timeless. There are countless inefficiencies and issues that can lead to losses of productivity … Continue reading »

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Sawmill Audits

The benefits of industrial plastic in sawmills have proven themselves for decades. But how do you as a mill manager or maintenance manager know if you’re utilizing all the benefits plastics can offer your mill? Redwood Plastics representatives are well-regarded for their knowledge of sawmill applications and we do get invited to perform audits of … Continue reading »

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Dissapator Channel – Stop The Shock

Sometimes an excellent solution to a maintenance problem is available – but the problem is nobody knows about it. Redco™ Dissipater Channel is one such product. Unique to Redwood Plastics, the Dissipater Channel is for the stretch of the mill where logs first hit the deck. The maintenance problems that occur are shock, crystallization of … Continue reading »

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Don’t Get “Pigeonholed”

One of any actor’s biggest fears is to be typecast in a particular role. The same could be said for industrial plastics in sawmill applications because for decades plastics have enjoyed success in a few specific applications: hooks, lugs, wear guides and bushings/bearings. Maintenance Managers and purchasers tend to only think of plastics in sawmill/planar … Continue reading »

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One Tuff Wheel

We had an interesting inquiry a few weeks ago. A sawmill maintenance manager in the U.S. Northeast was using UHMW carriage wheels and they were wearing out extremely fast. We ended up referring them our parent,  Redwood Plastics, to look into a solution – and they didn’t have to look far. Redwood offers a type … Continue reading »

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