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Urethanes Hard At Work

Posted by on December 31, 2013

UHMW-PE gets a lot of attention in the mills as it is a proven solution with decades of success in a variety of sawmill and planar mill applications. However, the versatility and unique properties of polyurethane should be given equal attention. Urethanes can come in durometers (hardness) from eraser soft, to bowling ball hard. Functionally, this means applications in mills can range from Redco™ Deadplate to the bearing grade Redco™ 750. 750-split-bearings

Applications include sorter hooks, bushings, bearings, shock pads, bearing blocks, lugs – and sprockets (among others). Polyurethane is easily molded and a wide variety of parts can be developed with cost-effective tooling. Urethanes are resistant to wear, impingement and abrasion – all while outlasting metal in many applications by a factor of at least 2:1. Furthermore, polyurethane is resistant to a variety of chemicals.

For information on Redco polyurethane contact Redwood Plastics:


CDN: 1 800 667 0999

USA: 1 866 733 2684

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