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Titanium Strength

We’ve hinted at the applications for Redco Titanium UHMW in previous articles here (such as the Titanium option for chain channel). However, we wanted to highlight the material specifically as there are many applications in saw and planermills that would be better served by replacement with Redco Titanium. Redco Titanium is simply the slickest, strongest … Continue reading »

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Chain Channel Profiles

UHMW chain channel and channel inserts are one of the most common plastic applications in sawmills. The channel reduces power consumption and chain wear saving money on power use and premature chain replacement. As a proven solution, there are many standard profiles available for H87 and 81x chain. If one of the standard profiles does not … Continue reading »

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UHMW – 3 Concerns

UHMW-PE is likely the best known plastic in the sawmill industry and with good reason. The material is relatively inexpensive, as engineering plastic goes, yet has a number of useful properties: impact strength, low coefficient of friction, and ease of machining among others. But no material is without its concerns or drawbacks. These are the … Continue reading »

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Titanium Chain Channel

Yellow UHMW polyethylene chain channel has been a proven solution in mills for years. The plastic channel fits into existing metal channel and increases equipment life, reduces chain wear and reduces power requirements as equipment does not have to work as hard to pull the chain. Like any good technology, improvements are developed and capabilities … Continue reading »

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Redco Chain Channel Inserts

Less wear on your chain, less noise and less maintenance costs without having to change out your metal channel. These inserts simply fit into your current channel. Available in C3 and C4 profiles and compatible with 81x, 81xH, 2060, 2080 and H78 chain. Available in: Redco™ UHMW & Redco™ Titanium PDF drawing – C3 dimensions … Continue reading »

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