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Sawmill Spotlight: Brooks Sawmill

Have you seen the recent Leonardo Di Caprio film “The Revenant”? Some people know the film was made in Canada but most do not know where the building materials came from used to make the 19th century West come to life. It was Brooks Sawmill out of Cochrane, Alberta. A family run sawmill that has … Continue reading »

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Trusted PVC Strip Door

In the world of modern sawmill plastic applications – a world of sprockets, turners, bushings, sharp chain bed, and other more colorful and “flashy” applications we can forget the basics. PVC strip door aka “flexible vinyl” is just as important to sawmills as it is to other industries where people would more readily think of … Continue reading »

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Sawmill Spotlight: Hill Tavern Farm Wood Products

Highlighting this recent article about Jay Healy and his sawmill in Charlemont, MA. Jay is a former state legislator and agriculture secretary. What is interesting about his sawmill is not only does it harvest wood from his own family’s 500 acre tree farm (the largest in the state) but it’s extremely efficient. Jay boasts that … Continue reading »

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Tuffkast 025 vs. 020 In Carriage Wheel Applications

Redwood Plastics offers multiple grades of their Redco Tuffkast product and recently a customer came to us asking about the differences between the grades. In this case, the customer had been using the standard Tuffkast 025 for carriage wheels and then noticed a special 020 grade just for carriage wheels existed. They were wondering if … Continue reading »

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FRP At Work In The Sawmill

When you get to the back of Redwood Plastic’s sawmill parts catalog you find a couple of interesting plastic products you might not have expected to see there: fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products. FRP has a long history in many industries, its corrosion and impact resistant nature combined with low maintenance anti-slip properties makes it … Continue reading »

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Product Spotlight: CJ Composite Bushings

Plastic bushings and bearings have several decades worth of success in sawmill applications but these are usually nylon, polyurethane or UHMW bushings. Redwood Plastics is trying to introduce the more advanced composite bushings into sawmill applications. The composite bushings have several advantages, with their filled PTFE liner they are much slicker than other bearing choices … Continue reading »

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Wind Powered Dutch Sawmill

This is a piece more about curiosity and fun rather than cutting-edge sawmill technology. We stumbled across an article and some videos about a wind powered sawmill in the Netherlands. It’s amazing to see this old mix of wooden gears and cogs work together to power the blades. Since wind is in control, the windier … Continue reading »

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Redco Saw Blade Carriers – FAQs

The new model Redco Saw blade carrier has been on the market for a couple years and has received a very positive response. The saw blade carriers are manufactured out of quality Redco polyurethane and are the result of years of research and planning into the best way to make this important safety product. As … Continue reading »

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Redco Hi-Temp Yellow Kiln Wheel Bushings

The Redco Hi-Temp Yellow kiln wheel bushing continues to be tested, and adopted, by sawmills across North America. Compared with the traditional blue nylon bushings, the Hi-Temp Yellows will outwear and outlast the blue bushings. While we cannot guarantee how much longer they last, around 50-100% longer is typical with our current customers, which also … Continue reading »

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Why Switch To Plastic Sprockets?

Plastic sprockets primarily made of Redco 750 have widespread use in the sawmill industry. Metal sprockets have been available long before plastic and some mills still hold out on switching to plastic. The question gets brought up “why would I want to switch to plastic?” First of all, plastic sprockets will reduce wear on the … Continue reading »

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