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How To Get Your Deadplate Quoted

Redco Deadplate is an elastomer designed to work as a shock absorber – it takes the energy of impact and transfers it into heat. In the sawmill applications it was designed for, Deadplate takes the impact of the logs or lumber, stopping their momentum and allowing them to continue through the mill. This usually results … Continue reading »

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Deadplate: 5 FAQs

Redco Deadplate is a polyurethane with very specific properties and the sole application in sawmills of absorbing and deadening shock. Because Deadplate is so unique, sometimes customers don’t understand how to use incorporate it into their mill or even request a quote. Fortunately, it’s an easy material to quote, manufacture, and install. So what are … Continue reading »

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Design Your Deadplate

Redco Deadplate by Redwood Plastics is a shock absorbing polyurethane design for use in lumber mills. Deadplate’s elastomeric properties cushion the blow of lumber reducing rebound and protecting machinery. Getting a quote on a custom Deadplate application isn’t as complicated as you might think. You need to be able to provide four pieces of information: … Continue reading »

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The Impact Of Plastics In Sawmills

On this website we often focus on specific applications or plastics used in sawmill and planar mill applications. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the big picture – why are we using plastics in the mill in the first place? Meaning, what are the benefits for you and your operation by switching to plastic? Firstly, … Continue reading »

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Shock, Vibration and Noise

A few weeks ago the Vicksburg Post in Vicksburg, MS ran a story following Anderson-Tulley Lumber Co. Maintenance Manager Mike Williams through a typical work day and asked him about the challenges he faced in the mill. The article describes the noise and vibration of the modern mill – something we know our readers would … Continue reading »

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Urethanes Hard At Work

UHMW-PE gets a lot of attention in the mills as it is a proven solution with decades of success in a variety of sawmill and planar mill applications. However, the versatility and unique properties of polyurethane should be given equal attention. Urethanes can come in durometers (hardness) from eraser soft, to bowling ball hard. Functionally, this … Continue reading »

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Deadplate = Equipment Life

Redco™ polyurethanes come in a variety of hardnesses useful in many sawmill applications. Our hardest urethanes are used in bearings and sprockets in many sawmills. However, just as popular is our softest urethane: 52A durometer “Deadplate”. Deadplate serves one purpose very well – it absorbs shock and stops kinetic energy flat. As a softer elastomer, Redco™ Deadplate has … Continue reading »

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