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Redco Saw Blade Carriers – FAQs

The new model Redco Saw blade carrier has been on the market for a couple years and has received a very positive response. The saw blade carriers are manufactured out of quality Redco polyurethane and are the result of years of research and planning into the best way to make this important safety product. As … Continue reading »

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Double/Triple Saw Blade Carrier

Redwood Plastics’ saw blade carrier is one of our more innovative sawmill solutions: meant to reduce the risk of injury in what is traditionally a dangerous task – transporting saw blades. The carrier’s tear resistant polyurethane design allows for these blades to be moved with less danger the the employee. The standard carrier handles only … Continue reading »

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Mill Hazards – Nails, Tree Steps and Musket Balls?

In May of 2012 Ray Berendsohn of Popular Mechanics wrote a fascinating article on the metal hazards found in logs brought to sawmills for processing. These items include nails, railroad spikes, cables, bolts, tree steps and even civil war-era musket balls! You can read the whole article here. While these items can be damaging to mill … Continue reading »

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Saw Blade Carriers

One of the problems with safety solutions is that they are best implemented before something goes wrong. As such, needs for safety products tends to be overlooked…Only to be brought up when a safety auditing unit gets involved. One such product is the Redco™ Circular Saw Blade Carrier. Inquiries on this solution are often brought … Continue reading »

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Staying Safe With Polycarbonate

The benefits of using of urethanes, UHMW and nylon in mills is well-known; however, the benefits of polycarbonate may be overlooked. Most people are familiar with polycarbonate but perhaps do not make the connection on how this remarkable material can benefit your saw or planar mill – specifically, in regards to safety. Polycarbonate is a clear, glazing … Continue reading »

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