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Tuffkast 025 vs. 020 In Carriage Wheel Applications

Redwood Plastics offers multiple grades of their Redco Tuffkast product and recently a customer came to us asking about the differences between the grades. In this case, the customer had been using the standard Tuffkast 025 for carriage wheels and then noticed a special 020 grade just for carriage wheels existed. They were wondering if … Continue reading »

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Redco Polyurethane In Sawmill Applications

Out of all the plastics used in sawmills polyurethane is the most versatile. The material is available from “eraser soft” to “bowling ball” hard and permits a use in a very wide range of applications. A quick overview of the different types of Redco polyurethanes and potential applications: Redco Deadplate: at 52A this is our … Continue reading »

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Redco Hi-Temp Yellow Kiln Wheel Bushings

The Redco Hi-Temp Yellow kiln wheel bushing continues to be tested, and adopted, by sawmills across North America. Compared with the traditional blue nylon bushings, the Hi-Temp Yellows will outwear and outlast the blue bushings. While we cannot guarantee how much longer they last, around 50-100% longer is typical with our current customers, which also … Continue reading »

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Tivar 88 Wear Strip

When considering new or replacement wear strip in your sawmill or planar mill, Tivar 88 UHMW should be considered*. Many long-time customers of Redwood Plastics already request Tivar 88 after years of excellent performance in their sawmills. Traditionally, cheaper reprocessed-black or natural (white) UHMW is used in wear strip applications; however, Tivar 88 has several … Continue reading »

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