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Redco 9600 Impact Bearings

Perhaps an underutilized plastic sawmill solution, Redco 9600 impact bearings serve an important role. They consist of a double-hardness polyurethane combined with a durable steel outer shell. The system is designed to provide easy-to-change components and self-lubrication properties. Designed for high-impact, low-speed applications such as hour glass rollers and log kickers the 9600 Impact Bearings … Continue reading »

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Rulon & Nylon Team Up For New Dry Kiln Fan Bearing

Recently one of the sawmill experts with Redwood Plastics started a test for a superior dry kiln fan bearing. Typically the standard bearings for the application are ~$1300.00 and we were asked to come up with something better and less expensive. Originally Redwood Plastics’ standard material for this application (Redco 750 polyurethane) was considered but … Continue reading »

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Product Spotlight: CJ Composite Bushings

Plastic bushings and bearings have several decades worth of success in sawmill applications but these are usually nylon, polyurethane or UHMW bushings. Redwood Plastics is trying to introduce the more advanced composite bushings into sawmill applications. The composite bushings have several advantages, with their filled PTFE liner they are much slicker than other bearing choices … Continue reading »

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Redco 750 S.N. Bearing Inserts

Redco S.N. Bearing inserts were originally designed as a short-term replacement for standard cast iron housings. But made from durable Redco 750 polyurethane our customers have taken these inserts to be a permanent solution now at many sawmills. The bearing inserts perform better than the iron and are quick and relatively inexpensive to replace. Also, … Continue reading »

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Quick and Easy Bearing Changes

Redco™ 750 SN Bearing Inserts SN Bearing inserts are designed for quick and easy changes for failed line shaft bearings. The bearings are split for fast installation to save on costly down time expenditures. Split for quick and easy installation Save down time expenses Long life and durability Custom sizes available   Redco™ Plastics can outlast traditional … Continue reading »

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