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Sawmill Spotlight: Brooks Sawmill

Have you seen the recent Leonardo Di Caprio film “The Revenant”? Some people know the film was made in Canada but most do not know where the building materials came from used to make the 19th century West come to life. It was Brooks Sawmill out of Cochrane, Alberta. A family run sawmill that has … Continue reading »

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Mill Hazards – Nails, Tree Steps and Musket Balls?

In May of 2012 Ray Berendsohn of Popular Mechanics wrote a fascinating article on the metal hazards found in logs brought to sawmills for processing. These items include nails, railroad spikes, cables, bolts, tree steps and even civil war-era musket balls! You can read the whole article here. While these items can be damaging to mill … Continue reading »

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Sharks in Siberia

      Recently Redwood Plastics completed a deal to send a modifed 4-grader SharkFin Board Turning System to a mill near Irkutsk, Russia. Irkutsk is one of the largest cities in Siberia and is known as a “hub” of administration and trade. The four grader system was designed to optimize quality of grading yet increase … Continue reading »

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Redco Chain Channel Inserts

Less wear on your chain, less noise and less maintenance costs without having to change out your metal channel. These inserts simply fit into your current channel. Available in C3 and C4 profiles and compatible with 81x, 81xH, 2060, 2080 and H78 chain. Available in: Redco™ UHMW & Redco™ Titanium PDF drawing – C3 dimensions … Continue reading »

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Pulp and Paper Solutions

  Many materials age and wear quickly; bronze, brass, rubber and steel are not always the optimal material for a given application which affects efficiency and production. Using Redco™ Plastic products such as Redco™ Polyurethane and Redco™ UHMW will improve performance with little initial cost and long term benefits, as well as reduce wear and … Continue reading »

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Hold Down Rolls Cracking?

REDCO™ 750 & 70A DUAL HARDNESS HOLD DOWN ROLLS A customer was having a big concern over the aluminum hubs cracking on their existing R & K hold down rolls. The hubs had a tendency to crack apart well before the urethane cover even had a chance to wear. As these rolls are solid and there are 5 … Continue reading »

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