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Tuffkast 020 Sawmill Carriage Wheels

Sawmill carriage wheels are a very popular plastics application that has proven itself over decades and Redwood Plastics and Rubber’s “Tuffkast” proprietary plastic has performed so well in this application that a special grade, Tuffkast 020, was formulated specifically for this one application! The product is slightly softer, which helps it fit carriage rails better … Continue reading »

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Oil-Impregnated Plastics

One of the common advantages of performance industrial plastic is that, when the optimal material is used, they reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime. This results in substantial cost-savings and, overall, increased profits. Customers ask – how do plastics result in less maintenance or downtime? One common part of maintenance when it comes to bearings, … Continue reading »

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Tuffkast 025 vs. 020 In Carriage Wheel Applications

Redwood Plastics offers multiple grades of their Redco Tuffkast product and recently a customer came to us asking about the differences between the grades. In this case, the customer had been using the standard Tuffkast 025 for carriage wheels and then noticed a special 020 grade just for carriage wheels existed. They were wondering if … Continue reading »

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One Tuff Wheel

We had an interesting inquiry a few weeks ago. A sawmill maintenance manager in the U.S. Northeast was using UHMW carriage wheels and they were wearing out extremely fast. We ended up referring them our parent,  Redwood Plastics, to look into a solution – and they didn’t have to look far. Redwood offers a type … Continue reading »

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