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Product Spotlight: CJ Composite Bushings

Posted by on July 18, 2016

Plastic bushings and bearings have several decades worth of success in sawmill applications but these are usually nylon, polyurethane or UHMW bushings. Redwood Plastics is trying to introduce the more advanced composite bushings into sawmill applications. The composite bushings have several advantages, with their filled PTFE liner they are much slicker than other bearing choices available. Labor costs on machining are saved because the bearings are only available in “drop in” form, already complete, and replacing another material such as brass. These bearings are called CJ or “composite jacket” referring to the hard composite shell of the bearing.

CJ bearings supply several advantages to applications:

-High-load capacity/high-shock load capability.

-Accommodates incredible compression loads that literally crush competing composite materials.

-Self-lubricating design.

-Provides maintenance-free operation and eliminates the need for costly and messy greasing systems.

-Reduces wear and extends operating life. Coefficients as low as 0.05 in dry applications and <0.009 in lubricated environments.

-Temperature resistant: operates flawlessly in temperatures ranging from cryogenic levels to a high of 300°F (149°C).

-Dimensionally stable in fluids (water and corrosive liquids). Absorption rates are negligible, providing near-zero swell.

-Chemical resistant: compatible with a wide range of lubricants and media.

-Suitable for press fit, freeze fit, epoxy bonding, as well as conventional mechanical retention.

-Low weight/high strength.

-Accommodates high-load with a compact strength to weight ratio.

-Drop in replacement for metal or bronze bearings.

For information on these CJ bearings and how they might reduce your downtime and increase your profits, contact Redwood Plastics.

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