Product Spotlight: Redco SPS-2000


Redco SPS-2000 is a remarkable plastic that has excellent properties and is far from being one-dimensional. The product was specifically developed to be used for mills supplying fiber to kraft pulp mills (or for use at those mills themselves). SPS-2000 dissolves in the Kraft cooking process and will not contaminate the fiber. This itself makes it an excellent material but there are advantages far exceeding just being kraftmill safe. Firstly, it has the lowest coefficient of friction of all polyurethanes. This makes it very slick. It takes heavy load (2500 PSI) and is also wear and abrasion-resistant. SPS-2000 is oil & solvent resistant and has high dimensional stability.

Applications for this plastic are wide and should be even more widespread. SPS-2000 functions very well as wear strips, liners, flytes, hooks, or virtually any other application requiring a “hard” plastic. An exception would be bearings where the similar lubricated 750XL is available. Like other urethanes, SPS-2000 is easily molded into custom parts.

For more information on how Redco SPS-2000 can benefit you mill, contact Redwood Plastics and Rubber.


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On-Site Sawmill Audit


Are you a purchaser or a maintenance manager at a North American sawmill? Are you curious how performance plastics might be able to positively affect your bottom line and lower costs such as you’ve read on this website previously?

While we can only offer it in select territories, Redwood Plastics and Rubber’s team of technical sales people are willing to come to your sawmill to discuss your needs and audit your mill’s current performance. We would have you take us for a tour while conversing about maintenance and productivity issues you’re dealing with. Along the way we would keep our eyes open for areas our products might be able to assist as well as quickly spot locations where some of our more standardized products such as kiln wheel bushings, sprockets, and chain channel might fit in.

Our focus is on:

  • Reducing maintenance costs/downtime
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing energy requirements
  • Increasing part life
  • Increasing profitability

When it comes to pulp mills we can further drill down to the benefits of our pulp-safe plastics both SPS-2000 urethane and Redco Synsteel. To discuss the potential of an on-site sawmill audit please contact Redwood Plastics and Rubber.

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Simple Nylon Pulleys For Sales Online


Do you have a sawmill and are you in need of some simple sheaves/pulleys? Redwood Plastics and Rubber now offers an online store for quick purchase of a simple pulley. You need to know the following information:



-Rope diameter or groove width

-Groove depth

-Bore diameter

The online site will also give you an option for “color” but this is actually choosing between two materials: Redco natural nylon or Redco MD (moly-filled) nylon which is grey. In most cases the MD is superior so default to that choice unless you have a good reason (such as food processing application). You can expect a 4 week delivery for the sheaves so plan accordingly.

To order the sheaves head to Redwood Plastics and Rubber’s site here.

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Cost-Saving And Time-Saving Measures For Kiln Bushings

Redco kiln wheel bushings are a cost-effective solution that have been proven over decades of use. However, the turnaround time on orders often reaches 3-4 weeks, which doesn’t work for emergency needs. Besides stocking up on extra bushings, there is the possibility of stocking plastic rod, which is available in both Redco blue (heat-stabilized) nylon as well as the Hi-Temp Yellow premium grade. While kiln wheel bushings are often provided with grease grooves, this is not necessary for emergency replacements. So as long as your mill has a simple machine shop, stocking rod could be a solution.

Alternatively, you can reduce the complexity of the bushings to make them less expensive. This also means eliminating the grease groove in most cases, as that machining time needs to be accounted for. As with most parts, buying in bulk will save money, not only on the per-piece price but will further reduce costs by limiting the amount of shipping you will need to pay.

For a consultation with a plastics expert to discuss your kiln bushing requirements, please contact Redwood Plastics and Rubber.



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UHMW Extruded Channel Profiles


UHMW channel profiles are a very common sight at North American sawmills. The channel serves to reduce power requirements by making the chain slide easier. In addition, the soft channel reduces wear on the chain as it slides. This saves money immediately (in the lower power costs) and in the long-term with reduced chain wear. Customers are sometimes unsure what profiles are offered and ask for extruded profiles that do not exist. While custom channel can be machined, this is costly with poor availability and usually only available in black.

Redwood Plastics and Rubber’s extruded chain channel is available in “polygold” or yellow. While it is a reprocessed product, unlike the black reprocessed UHMW, the yellow is ‘clean’ meaning the regrind bits are not visible. They are stocked and sold by standard 10 foot lengths; however, 20 foot lengths are available on special order. The profiles are available for several chains, most notably 81x, H78, and C2060. The profiles are sold as simple U-channel; however, all of our profiles can be supplied with plug holes drilled and weld washer’s supplied and this service is provided at each and every Redwood Plastics and Rubber location. This service typically adds $10.00/length and 3-5 business days delivery.

Two important channel profiles of note are the C3 and C4. These are actually channel inserts, which mean they are extruded to fit into C3 and C4 steel channel respectively. They are not designed to be used separately without support.

For more information on Redwood Plastics and Rubber’s extruded UHMW chain channel profiles please click here to view a downloadable brochure.

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Solution Spotlight: PVC Strip Door – Keep The Cold Out!


With the fall comes a bitter chill in many sawmilling regions and it’s consequently the time to invest in PVC strip door supplied by Redwood Plastics and Rubber. PVC strip door covers open entrances helping to keep inside work spaces warm and clear of drafts. The product also serves to protect machinery from dust and contaminants, reduce clean up costs, and decrease energy use. The product is widely stocked in 12″ widths though 8″ and 16″ widths are also available. The product is sold by the full roll.

  • Save Energy with Temperature Retention
  • Increase Productivity by Opening Traffic Flow
  • Reduce Maintenance & Clean Up Costs
  • Improve Working Conditions by Maintaining Ambient Temperatures
  • Improve Employee Safety by Reducing Noise and Increasing Visibility

For a quote on flexible vinyl for your sawmill please contact Redwood Plastics and Rubber.



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BL400 Dovetail Sawguides


Sawguides made from Redco BL400 are one of Redwood Plastics and Rubber’s ‘standard’ products. Stock is kept in full lengths at both our Canadian and U.S. Manufacturing facilities allowing for quick turnaround on orders. This product is a graphite-filled phenolic laminate and offers incredible structural, dimensional, and wear properties. These guides are compatible with any grease, oil, and solvents that may be used on the saws and can take incredible pressure and frictional conditions. Standard lengths are available between 6-60″ with up to 96″ being available on request. In addition, if you want to make your own guides we can sell you just the material.

For more information or pricing on these guides please contact Redwood Plastics and Rubber today.


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Shark Fin Board Turner: FAQs

shark fin-pop-up-unit1

Redwood Plastics and Rubber has sold the Shark Fin Board Turning system for well over 20 years. In that time we’ve received plenty of questions about the system and its capabilities and as with any solution, the same set of questions tend to come up. This article is meant to address as many of these as we can – in no particular order:

What are the largest sized boards that can be turned?

Shark Fin has turned boards up to 6″ x 12″ successfully.

What speed can Shark Fin run at?

75LPM or less is ideal, this makes Shark Fin an excellent solution for hardwood mills.

How much does it cost?

This is dependent on several factors including table length, number of graders, and lug pitch. On average one-grader systems start around $18,000 with the largest systems around $60,000. This is very economical compared to other board turning or grading systems.

How do I get it quoted?

There is a simple 1 page quote request form that can be found by region here.

NOTE: The quote is not valid if a sawmill engineer needs to get involved. Redwood Plastics and Rubber provides *parts only*. Installation and design support is not available unless a sawmill engineer is brought in. We have all regions of North America covered.

What is the lead time to get my system?

4-5 weeks is the standard delivery time.

Can I have it quoted “piecemeal”?

The Shark Fin system is designed to function as a kit. Removing any portion of the kit may result in substantially lower performance of the over board turner. The only case a substitution or declining of components is when a direct substitute is available. For example, certain sawmill engineers use their own plastic drive sprockets with the system.

What does the spare parts kit come with?

Each Shark Fin system comes with a spare parts kit. It comes with a couple lugs and an extra turner star. Extra parts in the future can be purchased from Redwood Plastics and Rubber.

What is the guarantee?

If our parts are defective and discovered within 30 days of delivery, we will replace them. However, there is no refund on the system itself.

What are the advantages of Shark Fin over competing systems?

Shark Fin is simple and relies on gravity for its turning power. This means that Shark Fin will not cost you extra money and the simplicity makes it very cost-competitive with more complicated competitors. We also have many testimonials from customers with a proven track record over decades of use.

For more information on the Redco Shark Fin Board Turning System contact an expert today.




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81X Sprocket Modifications


Plastic 81X sawmill sprockets are primarily a molded product, this is to reduce delivery times as well as cost. The standard sprockets available from Redwood Plastics and Rubber have a hub that is 3-3/4″ wide (length-through-bore). Often these days customers want a thinner hub to fit into their sawmills and in most cases that’s fine! All we need to do is machine down the hub on our solid idlers.

In addition, our split idlers have special “short” hub that’s available that’s available which reduces the width to only 3.0″. Length through bore narrower than that; however, are not possible as there is no more “meat” to machine away – the bolt holes get in the way. You will notice there has been no mention of a “old style split idler” in this conversation that is because unfortunately there is no “short hub” design for that particular part.

For other customers, maintenance is limited and customers do not want to have to regularly grease the sprockets. In this case we can mold them out of an alternative version of the polyurethane used for our regular sprocket line. This plastic is called “Redco 750 SXL” and is lubrication-impregnated so it will not need to be greased. In the case of the solid sprockets, the entire sprocket can be cast as 750 SXL (including the split idlers). In the case of our new style splits where the A-plate and hub are separate, we can simply cast the hub as 750 SXL while leaving the A-plate as the standard Redco 750. Please note this will mean a mismatch in color, as the Redco 750 is red in color and the 750 SXL must be black due to the fillers it has.

The final sprocket modification we get asked for is to reduce the bore size below what is our standard (1-15/16″) or to provide a sacrificial bushing in the bore. This is somewhat uncommon, but it does happen. In that case we will design a simple Redco 750 SXL sleeve bushing and can press fit that in.

For assistance with your sprocket needs, please contact us today.

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Deadplate: 5 FAQs


Redco Deadplate is a polyurethane with very specific properties and the sole application in sawmills of absorbing and deadening shock. Because Deadplate is so unique, sometimes customers don’t understand how to use incorporate it into their mill or even request a quote. Fortunately, it’s an easy material to quote, manufacture, and install. So what are the frequently asked questions?

1.) What sizes does it come in?

There is no standard size. The material can’t be cut, it’s not like other plastics that come in standardized sheets. All Deadplate must be cast-to-size, so we will work with you to find your requirements.

2.) What is the lead time?

For Deadplate material alone it’s typically 3-4 weeks to ship. Part of this time is that the product has a couple weeks of “post-cure” – it needs to sit and settle to firm up its properties before installation. Because of the post-cure, and that Deadplate cannot be stocked in standard sizes, it is impossible to offer rush orders.

3.) Can I use it by itself or does it need to be capped?

For most applications you want us to quote a Deadplate “sandwich”. This consists of a steel backing plate, typically 3/8″ thick with the Deadplate bonded to it. Then there is a cap on the front that is usually Redco 500 polyurethane but sometimes also steel. Using Deadplate by itself can lead to premature wear of the product and is best left to sawmill equipment OEMs familiar with the product.

4.) How much does it cost?

This depends on application, the dimensions of the sandwich, and how thick the Deadplate is. Typically they average around $2100.00.

5.) What information do I need to get a quote?

Most importantly is the largest size of lumber that will hit the impact zone, the distance it slides into the impact zone, and the dimensions of the impact zone. The last is important to know the parameters we have to work within as the sandwich will need to be welded on. We also would want to know how many boards hit that zone per minute.

For questions about Redco Deadplate or a quotation for your needs, please contact Redwood Plastics and Rubber.





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