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UHMW In Sawmills: Making The Grade

UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) simply known as “UHMW” is the most prolific industrial plastic in many sawmills and has a long history of success in many applications. Along with grades readily available from most plastic distributors, sawmills also utilize several grades where their primary use is in sawmill applications. The following is a primer … Continue reading »

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The Real Synsteel

Redco™ Synsteel is a special UHMW formulation designed to be “pulp-safe.” The plastic will dissolve in the kraft cooking process. It is attracted to magnets and will trip metal detectors. Synsteel’s wear and abrasion resistance exceeds virgin UHMW by a factor of two and is more dimensionally stable. Redco™ Synsteel; however, is a proprietary formulation. Several … Continue reading »

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Kraftmill Safe Plastic

Mills providing pulp have been faced with a tough situation: the benefits of plastic in mill operations is clear, yet no plastic contamination can be tolerated. Fortunately, two “pulp safe” plastic solutions have been developed to serve mills that supply pulp. Redco™ Synsteel is a UHMW polyethylene that dissolves completely in the kraft cooking process, is … Continue reading »

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Pulp and Paper Solutions

  Many materials age and wear quickly; bronze, brass, rubber and steel are not always the optimal material for a given application which affects efficiency and production. Using Redco™ Plastic products such as Redco™ Polyurethane and Redco™ UHMW will improve performance with little initial cost and long term benefits, as well as reduce wear and … Continue reading »

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