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Differences Between Redco SPS-2000 and Synsteel

Redwood Plastics and Rubber offers two “pulp safe” plastics and while they might appear to be interchangeable or similar, they’re really not, and have both different properties and applications. In fact, it’s critically important to know where each should be used. SPS-2000 is meant to dissolve in the kraft mill chemical process and should be … Continue reading »

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Product Spotlight: Redco SPS-2000

Redco SPS-2000 is a remarkable plastic that has excellent properties and is far from being one-dimensional. The product was specifically developed to be used for mills supplying fiber to kraft pulp mills (or for use at those mills themselves). SPS-2000 dissolves in the Kraft cooking process and will not contaminate the fiber. This itself makes … Continue reading »

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Kraftmill Safe Plastic

Mills providing pulp have been faced with a tough situation: the benefits of plastic in mill operations is clear, yet no plastic contamination can be tolerated. Fortunately, two “pulp safe” plastic solutions have been developed to serve mills that supply pulp. Redco™ Synsteel is a UHMW polyethylene that dissolves completely in the kraft cooking process, is … Continue reading »

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