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When To Invest In A Sharkfin Board Turning System?

The Shark Fin Board Turning System is a remarkable solution when simplicity and necessity combine. Developed in response to lumber graders suffering chronic wrist injuries due to flipping lumber, Shark Fin’s simple gravity powered system flips the boards for the graders: preventing injury and letting graders do what they’re supposed to…Focus on grading wood. The … Continue reading »

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Common Problems To Solve in Sawmills

We offer a huge variety of products and solutions for sawmills but at the core of the matter we do not use plastics because we need a “part” – instead what plastics really do is solve problems that you have. There are several types of issues we seem come up and we’ll address them in … Continue reading »

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Sawmill Application Solutions Video

“Seeing is believing” goes the old cliche and while we can talk about using plastics in sawmills, OSB, or planar mills, nothing beats seeing these solutions in action! Fortunately, Redwood Plastics and Rubber has created a short minute and a half video on YouTube showing a few of these applications in use. Highlighted in the … Continue reading »

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What Issues Do Plastics Solve In Sawmills?

We often write about specific plastic sawmill solutions and what benefits those offer in regards to sawmill/planarmill maintenance. However, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and look at the big picture of why we put industrial plastic in sawmills in the first place. It really comes down to a few primary problems that … Continue reading »

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Solution Spotlight: PVC Strip Door – Keep The Cold Out!

With the fall comes a bitter chill in many sawmilling regions and it’s consequently the time to invest in PVC strip door supplied by Redwood Plastics and Rubber. PVC strip door covers open entrances helping to keep inside work spaces warm and clear of drafts. The product also serves to protect machinery from dust and … Continue reading »

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Design Your Deadplate

Redco Deadplate by Redwood Plastics is a shock absorbing polyurethane design for use in lumber mills. Deadplate’s elastomeric properties cushion the blow of lumber reducing rebound and protecting machinery. Getting a quote on a custom Deadplate application isn’t as complicated as you might think. You need to be able to provide four pieces of information: … Continue reading »

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Wasting Dollars In The Sawmill

We recently found an interesting article by Terence Brown, at one point a member of Oregon State University faculty and a member of the Department of Forest Products. Surprisingly, the document is about 35 years old, yet the messages are are timeless. There are countless inefficiencies and issues that can lead to losses of productivity … Continue reading »

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Sawmill Audits

The benefits of industrial plastic in sawmills have proven themselves for decades. But how do you as a mill manager or maintenance manager know if you’re utilizing all the benefits plastics can offer your mill? Redwood Plastics representatives are well-regarded for their knowledge of sawmill applications and we do get invited to perform audits of … Continue reading »

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Shock, Vibration and Noise

A few weeks ago the Vicksburg Post in Vicksburg, MS ran a story following Anderson-Tulley Lumber Co. Maintenance Manager Mike Williams through a typical work day and asked him about the challenges he faced in the mill. The article describes the noise and vibration of the modern mill – something we know our readers would … Continue reading »

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Idler Sprockets – 3 Reasons Plastic Is Better

Sprockets keep things moving in the mill and while plastics offer advantages over metals in countless applications the humble sprocket is where plastics can help the most. And there are three big ways plastics save your mill money over their life-cycle and reduce maintenance downtime. 1.) Reduced Weight Redco™ 750 sprockets are up to 50% lighter … Continue reading »

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