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When To Invest In A Sharkfin Board Turning System?

Posted by on March 1, 2021

The Shark Fin Board Turning System is a remarkable solution when simplicity and necessity combine. Developed in response to lumber graders suffering chronic wrist injuries due to flipping lumber, Shark Fin’s simple gravity powered system flips the boards for the graders: preventing injury and letting graders do what they’re supposed to…Focus on grading wood. The system can be designed for any table length and includes several high quality engineered plastic components from the lugs to the sprockets, turners, and chain channel. However, you may ask, when is this system right for my sawmill?

The main criteria for an optimal system is that the lugs per minute (LPM) is 80 or less. While the old marketing may state the system will work at any speed, and technically that is true, the lumber tends to bounce around at a LPM above 80. Many softwood mills run much faster than that these days; however, hardwood mills do not. This means if you are still manually grading or otherwise need boards flipped and you run a hardwood mill then Shark Fin is an ideal solution for you!

For more information on the Shark Fin Board Turning System please visit the dedicated website here:

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