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Common Problems To Solve in Sawmills

Redwood Plastics and Rubber
Posted by on October 20, 2020

We offer a huge variety of products and solutions for sawmills but at the core of the matter we do not use plastics because we need a “part” – instead what plastics really do is solve problems that you have. There are several types of issues we seem come up and we’ll address them in no particular order.

1.) Shock

Shock and vibration are everywhere in sawmill machinery and despite the best efforts of equipment OEMs, these impacts do damage over time leading to costly maintenance and repair. Instead, plastic or rubber can be utilized to isolate and damper the shock and vibration to various pieces of equipment – absorbing and then either deflecting or transferring that energy away.

2.) Maintenance concerns

When a mill runs, that equals profit. If a mill goes down, you’re not making money it’s that simple. Besides catastrophic failure, shutting down for maintenance is a big deal and you want to tighten up that maintenance window as much as possible and do it as little as possible. Unlike metal parts, plastics can be engineered in ways that will require much less maintenance – if any at all – and in many applications can function without lubrication reducing your downtime.

3.) Noise

Many jurisdictions have maximum allowable noise requirements for workers the problem is sawmills are noisy at the best of times but its that metal on metal contact that really raises the decibel level. Fortunately, when metals are mated to plastics or rubber the sound is reduced. In addition, in some applications less power is needed to move parts across plastic due to the low coefficient of friction of plastic in most applications. This can reduce the noise of machinery used because it is not straining as much to move what it is pushing or pulling.

For assistance with problems you’re experiencing at your mill, please contact Redwood Plastics and Rubber today.


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