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Don’t Get “Pigeonholed”

One of any actor’s biggest fears is to be typecast in a particular role. The same could be said for industrial plastics in sawmill applications because for decades plastics have enjoyed success in a few specific applications: hooks, lugs, wear guides and bushings/bearings. Maintenance Managers and purchasers tend to only think of plastics in sawmill/planar … Continue reading »

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Solutions In Action

When it comes to thinking of all the successful plastic applications in sawmills, words alone can’t do them justice. A few years ago Redwood Plastics developed a short 3 minute video highlighting various plastic solutions for sawmills. These products include bushings, bearings, sprockets, chain channel, sorter hooks, lugs and assorted customized plastic solutions. Similar metal … Continue reading »

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Nylon Hard At Work

Cast nylon is a plastic that should not be overlooked in sawmill applications. Nylon is able to bear a large amount of load compared to other plastics, especially UHMW and PTFE but is readily available and reasonably priced. Nylon applications have actually been increasing in the mills over the years, one notable example is nylon … Continue reading »

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Redco™ LUG LOADER WHEELS The Redco™ Lug Loader Wheel is a long-wearing, double-hardness split unit that can either be keyed to the shaft or provided to the press on. Lightweight, easy to install and extremely durable, this unit will far outlast rubber. View the product specification sheet here Redco™ 9600 IMPACT BEARINGS Introduced to deal … Continue reading »

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