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Sawmill Bushing and Bearing Materials

Plastics are excellent bushing material that replace metal. In contract to metal, plastic bearings are self-lubricating, require less grease or maintenance, and last longer. Typically six different plastic materials could be used as these bushings and each will be described. Redco Polyurethane: Called “Redco 750 XL” this is a lubrication impregnated polyurethane bearing material. It’s … Continue reading »

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Sawmill Parts – Talking About Tolerances

We had a situation recently over at Redwood Plastics (the sponsor of this website) where a sawmill customer asked us to supply some kiln wheel bushings. A spec was given, the bushings passed quality control and were shipped. However, when received, we were told the bushings were 1mm off the spec. The problem here is … Continue reading »

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New Sawmill Catalogue

Redwood Plastics, the managing company of, is close to releasing our new Sawmill Products Catalog. This is a large undertaking by our Marketing Department. However, sawmills and planermill applications are Redwood’s core business and with so many parts developed over four decades the catalog provides a concise, single piece of literature that highlights many … Continue reading »

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Don’t Get “Pigeonholed”

One of any actor’s biggest fears is to be typecast in a particular role. The same could be said for industrial plastics in sawmill applications because for decades plastics have enjoyed success in a few specific applications: hooks, lugs, wear guides and bushings/bearings. Maintenance Managers and purchasers tend to only think of plastics in sawmill/planar … Continue reading »

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“Super Nylon” PVM

Of all the performance plastics to hit the market in recent years, perhaps none has created as much interest as Redco™ PVM nylon. PVM stands for “Pressure-Velocity-Maximum” and is a performance material designed for the most demanding applications. PVM has already proven itself as a replacement in kiln cart bushings. Traditionally, these bushings were made out … Continue reading »

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Solutions In Action

When it comes to thinking of all the successful plastic applications in sawmills, words alone can’t do them justice. A few years ago Redwood Plastics developed a short 3 minute video highlighting various plastic solutions for sawmills. These products include bushings, bearings, sprockets, chain channel, sorter hooks, lugs and assorted customized plastic solutions. Similar metal … Continue reading »

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Nylon Hard At Work

Cast nylon is a plastic that should not be overlooked in sawmill applications. Nylon is able to bear a large amount of load compared to other plastics, especially UHMW and PTFE but is readily available and reasonably priced. Nylon applications have actually been increasing in the mills over the years, one notable example is nylon … Continue reading »

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