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Titanium Strength

Posted by on November 27, 2014

We’ve hinted at the applications for Redco Titanium UHMW in previous articles here (such as the Titanium option for chain channel). However, we wanted to highlight the material specifically as there are many applications in saw and planermills that would be better served by replacement with Redco Titanium.

Redco Titanium is simply the slickest, strongest most dimensionally stable UHMW grade. It handles more impact and abrasion than the more commonly used reprocessed and virgin UHMW and is fully UV-stable. Titanium will survive in environments where other UHMWs wear through too fast leading to increased downtime and lower profits. Applications include: wear strips, liners, flytes, cyclones, chain channel, and much more. As a premium material, Redco Titanium will simply outwear and outlast competing materials while reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

To download a free copy of the Redco Titanium brochure click here.


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