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Sawmill Bushing and Bearing Materials

Plastics are excellent bushing material that replace metal. In contract to metal, plastic bearings are self-lubricating, require less grease or maintenance, and last longer. Typically six different plastic materials could be used as these bushings and each will be described. Redco Polyurethane: Called “Redco 750 XL” this is a lubrication impregnated polyurethane bearing material. It’s … Continue reading »

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BL400 Dovetail Sawguides

Sawguides made from Redco BL400 are one of Redwood Plastics and Rubber’s ‘standard’ products. Stock is kept in full lengths at both our Canadian and U.S. Manufacturing facilities allowing for quick turnaround on orders. This product is a graphite-filled phenolic laminate and offers incredible structural, dimensional, and wear properties. These guides are compatible with any … Continue reading »

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Product Spotlight: Redco Saw Guides

Redco saw guides, available in both dovetail and “pacific style”, are a phenolic product we’ve manufactured for decades. The standard dovetail saw guide is 2″ x 2″ and available in lengths up to 96″. The guides are extremely strong and compatible with whatever oils and solvents are used with your saws. They stand up well … Continue reading »

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Micarta Isn’t A Material

One plastic that sometimes confuses customers in sawmills is “Micarta”. First of all, Micarta is just a brand name – it isn’t a type of material. What Micarta in sawmills usually refers to is a very rigid, high-load bearing “industrial laminate”. These laminates are a very large family of plastics. They break down into five … Continue reading »

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Phenolic Kiln Cart Bushings

We’ve discussed previously the applications cast nylon has as kiln cart bushings both the regular blue bushings and the Redco hi-temp yellow advanced bushings that have gained some real traction in the marketplace. However, certain kilns need something even stronger: a bushing to handle very heavy, waterlogged hardwoods and especially for applications where kiln carts … Continue reading »

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