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Sawmill Parts – Talking About Tolerances

Posted by on October 19, 2016

We had a situation recently over at Redwood Plastics (the sponsor of this website) where a sawmill customer asked us to supply some kiln wheel bushings. A spec was given, the bushings passed quality control and were shipped. However, when received, we were told the bushings were 1mm off the spec. The problem here is that the customer had trusted our “regular” tolerances and “typical press fit and running clearance”. As it turned out, our customer had different tolerances in mind which were essentially unobtainable (+/-) 0.00″

When it comes to your sawmill parts it’s best to specify tolerances on any custom part you request. If not reasonable, the representative will let you know and suggest what is possible. What is important is to not trust “standard” or “typical” unless sure that this will work for you! Redwood Plastics representatives are well aware of what tolerances can be held on various sawmill parts and will help you to avoid disappointment and costly downtime. The more information you give the representative – the more they can help.

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