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Phenolic Kiln Cart Bushings

Posted by on March 27, 2015

We’ve discussed previously the applications cast nylon has as kiln cart bushings both the regular blue bushings and the Redco hi-temp yellow advanced bushings that have gained some real traction in the marketplace. However, certain kilns need something even stronger: a bushing to handle very heavy, waterlogged hardwoods and especially for applications where kiln carts are stacked. In this case, the bushings can be machined out of industrial laminate (commonly known as “phenolic” or sometimes “Micarta”).

An industrial laminate is essentially a sandwich of layers of substrate (paper, glass, canvas) with a plastic resin binder that melds together under very high pressure. Once complete, the plastic is a thermoset and cannot be separated (if made by a quality North American manufacturer).

This results in a material with incredible strength and high-temperature endurance. Phenolic kiln cart bushings can handle loads around 30,000lbs per cart, are self-lubricating, and long-wearing. They are more expensive than the nylon bushings but they’re often the only reasonable choice. For more information – Contact Redwood Plastics.


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