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Kiln Wheel Bushings: Order Them Right

Posted by on January 23, 2015

Kiln Wheel Bushings are an excellent nylon application for lumber kilns. Blue (heat-stabilized) nylon is practically synonymous with kiln wheel bushings, though phenolic laminates also have a large footprint with this application. Metal has a problem with seizing in this application, which is why plastic is so suitable. If you’re looking for a quotation you need to specify five things: Kiln wheel housing dimension (KWHD), shaft size, length, Type (A,B or C) and quantity required. The “Type” refers to whether or not a grease groove is part of the bushing and if so, what type of groove.

Redwood Plastics has developed a new kiln wheel bushings use a proprietary plastic we’ve worked on for the last three years just for this application. This is a yellow, heat-stabilized plastic with advanced wear and dry running lubricants. They greatly outwear the traditional blue or oil-filled green bushings. For more information check out our new kiln wheel bushings here.

Supplying the information above will make your quotation go smoother and help your distributor supply you with the most accurate quote possible. For your questions about kiln wheel bushings or a quote: contact Redwood Plastics.


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