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Kraftmill Safe Plastic

Posted by on August 8, 2013

Mills providing pulp have been faced with a tough situation: the benefits of plastic in mill operations is clear, yet no plastic contamination can be tolerated. Fortunately, two “pulp safe” plastic solutions have been developed to serve mills that supply pulp.

Redco™ Synsteel is a UHMW polyethylene that dissolves completely in the kraft cooking process, is magnetic and will trip metal detectors. It is useful in applications such as chip screens, wear strips and chip handling. It has the added benefit of handling twice the compressive load as regular UHMW.

Redco™ SPS 2000 is a pulp safe polyurethane, combining a low coeffecient of friction and good wear resistance while being unaffected by most greases, oils and solvents. The urethane comes in a 75D hardness, and is therefore one of the most widely used urethane hardnesses. It is primarily used in wear and lining applications.

Knowing that plastics are available to assist pulp supplying mills is important for maintenance managers to solve various issues they face. Synsteel and SPS 2000 provide the tools those maintenance managers need.


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