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Tivar 88 Wear Strip

Posted by on October 15, 2015

When considering new or replacement wear strip in your sawmill or planar mill, Tivar 88 UHMW should be considered*. Many long-time customers of Redwood Plastics already request Tivar 88 after years of excellent performance in their sawmills. Traditionally, cheaper reprocessed-black or natural (white) UHMW is used in wear strip applications; however, Tivar 88 has several properties that make a great substitute. Tivar 88 was developed for aggressive lining solutions and is often seen in various hoppers and chutes in a wide variety of industries: everything from moving agricultural goods such as seeds and grain, to fly ash, to aggregates such as rock. Tivar 88 is glass-filled and cross-linked. The glass-filled provides a more robust, dimensionally stable UHMW material when compared to natural or repro-black. Cross-linking is an additional step in the production process where the UHMW on a molecular level entwines and bonds in very long chains. This provides higher strength and wear properties.

As a premium material, you can expect an approximate 30% price premium for this option. But the benefits to production and decreased downtime make the switch to Tivar 88 well worth it. For your questions on this product or if you would like a quotation on your wear strip needs, please contact us today.

*Redco Titanium is a very similar material that can be substituted for Tivar 88 in sawmill wear strip applications.

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