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Tivar 88 Wear Strip

When considering new or replacement wear strip in your sawmill or planar mill, Tivar 88 UHMW should be considered*. Many long-time customers of Redwood Plastics already request Tivar 88 after years of excellent performance in their sawmills. Traditionally, cheaper reprocessed-black or natural (white) UHMW is used in wear strip applications; however, Tivar 88 has several … Continue reading »

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Why Switch To Plastic Sprockets?

Plastic sprockets primarily made of Redco 750 have widespread use in the sawmill industry. Metal sprockets have been available long before plastic and some mills still hold out on switching to plastic. The question gets brought up “why would I want to switch to plastic?” First of all, plastic sprockets will reduce wear on the … Continue reading »

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UHMW vs. Steel Flights

Many plastic applications in sawmill and planarmills that we promote here are innovative solutions that are readily noticable: bushings made of proprietary materials, the Shark Fin System, Hi-Temp kiln cart bushings, and urethane Deadplate. Solutions which stand out amongst other equipment in the mill. However, one application that does not get enough attention are UHMW … Continue reading »

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While many plastics have applications in sawmills for decades UHMW has been the most popular. An impressive package of properties, applications and cost (notwithstanding a great pulpsafe grade in Synsteel) keep UHMW as┬áthe top plastic in the industry. While we focus on applications for this blog, we do get requests for technical information on UHMW. … Continue reading »

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