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Saw Blade Carriers

Posted by on January 14, 2014

One of the problems with safety solutions is that they are best implemented before something goes wrong. As such, needs for safety products tends to be overlooked…Only to be brought up when a safety auditing unit gets involved. One such product is the Redco™ Circular Saw Blade Carrier. Inquiries on this solution are often brought to distributors after a safety audit reveals the need. Saws that are improperly transported can cause serious injury.Saw-Blade-Carriers

Redco™ Saw Blade Carriers are made of durable HDPE and available in several sizes: 16?, 18?, 20?, 22?, 24? & 26?. They are ergonomically designed so that the blade never needs to be handled. The question is: why wait until an audit reveals the requirements for these blade carriers? Being proactive with your safety saves money and improves workplace morale.

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