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Product Spotlight: Redco Saw Guides

Posted by on May 31, 2017

Redco saw guides, available in both dovetail and “pacific style”, are a phenolic product we’ve manufactured for decades. The standard dovetail saw guide is 2″ x 2″ and available in lengths up to 96″. The guides are extremely strong and compatible with whatever oils and solvents are used with your saws. They stand up well to pressure and frictional conditions. While a standard profile is available many Redwood Plastics customers, especially our international customers, request special profiles and these can be done as per your drawing.

The dovetails are almost always made from a graphite-filled phenolic laminate. This particular grade has proven itself for decades in this particular application and we rarely use it elsewhere. The “pacific style” which look like a fat wedge are made of a similar material that does not have the graphite. Phenolic industrial laminates are valued for their very high strength, dimensional stability, and excellent performance in mechanical applications. You can learn more about Redco phenolics here:

For a quotation or to have your questions on Redco saw guides answered please contact us today.


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