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Redco 9600 Impact Bearings

Posted by on February 19, 2018

Perhaps an underutilized plastic sawmill solution, Redco 9600 impact bearings serve an important role. They consist of a double-hardness polyurethane combined with a durable steel outer shell. The system is designed to provide easy-to-change components and self-lubrication properties. Designed for high-impact, low-speed applications such as hour glass rollers and log kickers the 9600 Impact Bearings also have a four-piece split assembly. This makes the bearings quick and easy to install.

The 9600 Impact Bearings are currently manufactured with five face widths: 1-15/16″, 2-7/8″, 2-15/16″, 3-7/16″, 3-15/16″. The polyurethane component is your choice of Redco 750 or Redco 750 SXL based. The difference being the Redco 750 is the ‘plain’ red standard, whereas the 750 SXL is black and comes impregnated with liquid lubricant. The SXL is best if greasing or maintenance will be limited or difficult to do.

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