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Oil-Impregnated Plastics

Posted by on February 22, 2019

One of the common advantages of performance industrial plastic is that, when the optimal material is used, they reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime. This results in substantial cost-savings and, overall, increased profits. Customers ask – how do plastics result in less maintenance or downtime? One common part of maintenance when it comes to bearings, gears, sprockets, and most metal parts is the requirement to grease. Certain plastics require this as well; however, the fun of plastics is that we get to play with formulations.

Many of the plastics that would be used in dynamic applications can be produced with liquid lubricants. This ability to impregnate plastics with oil reduces friction and the need for greasing. This is very valuable in cutting down maintenance costs; however, it’s even better when it comes to parts that are operating in difficult to access workspaces. Having lubricants in the plastic reduces the wear on them and can also increase part life. The changes in cost for lubricant additives are nominal, between 15-30% depending on the plastic but the added benefits are worth it!

For Redwood Plastics and Rubber, playing with formulations for their nylon and Tuffkast line is easy and can allow creativity. For example, we can combine the excellent wear properties of the moly-filled nylon with oil. Or, we could combine an oil-filled Tuffkast with a UV-inhibitor. Sometimes lubricants are not even required for better slickness and higher wear, for example replacing traditional reprocessed UHMW chain channel with Redco Titanium.

For more information how lubricated plastics can help your sawmill please contact Redwood Plastics and Rubber today.

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