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Product Spotlight: Redco SPS-2000

Posted by on January 29, 2019

Redco SPS-2000 is a remarkable plastic that has excellent properties and is far from being one-dimensional. The product was specifically developed to be used for mills supplying fiber to kraft pulp mills (or for use at those mills themselves). SPS-2000 dissolves in the Kraft cooking process and will not contaminate the fiber. This itself makes it an excellent material but there are advantages far exceeding just being kraftmill safe. Firstly, it has the lowest coefficient of friction of all polyurethanes. This makes it very slick. It takes heavy load (2500 PSI) and is also wear and abrasion-resistant. SPS-2000 is oil & solvent resistant and has high dimensional stability.

Applications for this plastic are wide and should be even more widespread. SPS-2000 functions very well as wear strips, liners, flytes, hooks, or virtually any other application requiring a “hard” plastic. An exception would be bearings where the similar lubricated 750XL is available. Like other urethanes, SPS-2000 is easily molded into custom parts.

For more information on how Redco SPS-2000 can benefit you mill, contact Redwood Plastics and Rubber.


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