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One Tough Bed

Posted by on October 28, 2013

UHMW is well-known in the sawmill industry. Maintenance managers understand the material and the track record of benefits it provides. However, UHMW is not a ‘miracle’ plastic that makes sense in all situations. Other materials may be optimal, and sharp chain bed is one application where UHMW has an upgrade.

The standard for chain bed is changing. One of the top-perfoming nylon materials, nylon PVM – “Pressure Velocity Maximum” – is an extremely tough material and works very well as sharp chain bed. Typically, UHMW has been used in this application; however, consensus is that nylon PVM works much more effectively. Compared to UHMW, the nylon will require less change out, resulting in less downtime – and also extends the life chain. This results in increased productivity that increases your profits. Just one of many areas plastics helps mill operators reduce downtime and increase productivity.PVM-sharp-chain-bed

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