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2 Simple Reasons To Switch To Plastic Sprockets

Posted by on September 23, 2016

Plastic sprockets primarily made of polyurethane but sometimes nylon have been part of the sawmill industry for years and are proven in this application. But there are still many sawmills where metal sprockets are used. If your sawmill is one of those, there are two very good reasons to make the switch over to plastic!

1.) Increased chain & part life

Quite simply, mating a softer plastic sprocket to your chain will make both the chain and the sprocket last much longer. Metal-on-metal wear is a major maintenance headache and a switch to plasticĀ  is an easy way to avoid premature wear of your parts – and save you money!

2.) Noise reduction

Depending on what country or region you’re in, noise may be a key concern at your saw mill. Specifically, noise reduction to meet certain regulations. Metal on metal contact is loud and a change to plastic sprockets will reduce noise and therefore assist in your overall noise reduction plan.

For more information on plastic sprockets, contact Redwood Plastics.

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