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SN Bearing Inserts – Part Numbers and Profiles

Posted by on September 28, 2017

The Redco series of plastic SN bearing inserts is a popular sawmill product Redwood Plastics branches widely stock. These inserts are made of Redco 750 polyurethane and have proven their success in this application for decades. In the beginning, these inserts were meant as an emergency replacement for SN bearings but worked so well many sawmills use them as a standardized part. The main point of confusion when our customers order is which part number is associated with which bore size. With six of the molded SN series inserts we can provide, here are the associated bores for each size:

R-1150: 1-15/16″ (36.5mm) bore

R-1151: 2-3/16″ (49.2mm) bore

R-1152: 2-7/16″(55.5mm) bore

R-1153: 2-15/16″ (61.9mm) bore

R-1154: 3-7/16″ (74.6mm) bore

R-1155: 3-15/16″ (100mm) bore

Usually 10-25 of each bearing insert is carried in stock by our Canadian branches. For price and delivery on these inserts please contact Redwood Plastics.


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