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UHMW Wear Strip

Posted by on November 30, 2015

UHMW wear strip is a common plastic application for sawmills but not all wear strip is the same. The basic wear strip is probably black-reprocessed UHMW because not only is it a cost-effective solution, but the manufacturing process actually makes the reprocessed UHMW more wear resistant than natural! An additional benefit is that reprocessed UHMW is widely available. For premium wear strip Tivar 88, which is actually a lining-grade UHMW that is both cross-linked and glass-filled is commonly specified. However, Redco Titanium is very similar and interchangeable in this application to Tivar 88. At Redwood Plastics, some of our branches stock Tivar 88 and some stock Titanium – so you may request one and be asked if we can substitute the other. Finally, Redco Synsteel and SPS-2000 (which is a polyurethane, not UHMW)  may be specified for kraftmill or pulp-safe applications. Wear strip can be supplied cut and pre-drilled along with weld washers and plugs (if desired). Just send us those drawings!

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