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Quoting A Sharkfin Board Turning System

Posted by on June 29, 2015

The Sharkfin board turning system is a throwback to the benefits of simplicity. The system does not require any electricity, and is instead powered by the sawmill chain and gravity alone. This makes the system a consistent and popular product, especially for hardwood mills. But quoting a system can be daunting as customers often do not know what information is actually required for Redwood Plastics to quote. This is unfortunate, since if we have the required information a quote can easily be supplied within 1 business day. Here is what we need to get you that quick, and accurate, quotation:

1.) The length of your grading table (measure from center of sprocket to center of other sprocket)

2.) The number of chain runs

3.) Number of graders you have

4.) All sizes of lumber you process

5.) Number of boards-per-minute you run

6.) Pitch (number chain links between lugs)

Of the above only “pitch” is something that you might be unsure of. But all you need to do is specify what your lug pattern is now. If you still need more assistance with this, our rep can help if he/she has the other information available.

For more information on the Sharkfin check out the dedicated website with lots of videos and testimonials:

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