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Polyurethane Saw Blade Carriers

Posted by on June 25, 2014

Redco™ Sawblade carriers made of natural HDPE (high-density polyethylene) have been a proven product for many years. However, HDPE is a commodity-plastic and will wear more quickly than higher performance materials. Redwood Urethane_Saw_Blade_CarrierPlastics has recently introduced the new polyurethane saw blade carriers. Urethane is easily molded, allowing the new carriers to be produced in custom sizes to suit any circular blade. The circular portion of the carrier is made of Redco™ 430, combined with a Redco™ 750 handle. Urethane is a tear-resistant plastic, especially the 430 urethane portion. This makes the new saw blade carrier much more resilient to wear and tear from the saw blades themselves. They will last longer than the original product.

Recently were heard a scary story – a sales representative  was visiting a sawmill and discussing saw blade carriers. There was not much interest in the product, after all, the blades could be carried by hand – so why pay money for a plastic carrier? A few minutes after the discussion had moved to new topics the safety personnel were alerted that a young employee was carrying a 24″ saw blade and slipped on some sawdust. The blade gashed the employee’s side and he broke a couple ribs. Unsurprisingly, an order was quickly placed for several saw blade carriers by the sawmill.

But why leave it until an accident occurs?

Contact Redwood Plastics for more information.

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