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Product Announcement: H78 Sprockets

Posted by on January 25, 2018

Redwood Plastics and Rubber has discontinued their line of sprockets for H78 sawmill chain. However, their 81X sprocket, which is now standard, is perfectly suitable for use on H78 chain. The difference lies in the thickness of the A-plate which holds the teeth. The H78 mold was 1″ wide whereas the 81X sprocket A-plate is 7/8″ wide. This subtle difference should see no difference in wear or performance in your sawmill. Plastic sprockets continue to offer increased chain life and reduced noise in your mill.

Redco sprockets made from durable Redco 750 polyurethane are a tried and true solution for sawmills. They are available in both idler and drive variants with the idlers being available from 8-18 teeth and the drives from 10-15 teeth. Standard bore sizes are 1-15/16″, 2-3/16″, 2-7/16″, 2-15/16″. Smaller bores can be accommodated by supplying a machined insert, essentially a bushing, into the hub’s bore for an additional fee. While the current standard sprocket has a separate A-plate and hub, Redwood Plastics and Rubber can supply an “old style” split or solid idler sprocket. Drive sprockets are only available split.

For more information or a quote on Redco polyurethane sprockets for sawmills contact Redwood Plastics.


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