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Shark Fin Replacement Parts

Posted by on November 7, 2017

The Shark Fin Board Turning System ( has plastic components manufactured from durable Redco polyurethane. Even though these components are high-wear and take significant impact, they will eventually require replacement. What you may not know; however, is that through the many years the Shark Fin System has been used the fin-shaped lugs have undergone several design revisions. The lugs have by no means been a standard (until very recently, 2016). Therefore you need to give more details to Redwood Plastics when you send in a request. This also goes for the polyurethane star turners, which will eventually need replacement and also come in several formats.

Take a photo of the turner or lug and provide some measurements. The shape will help differentiate the lug as there are some very visible differences between the various types of lug. Next you should measure the height, width, and other dimensions of the “fin” portion of the lug (the base is more or less standard). Also critical to note is what colors you need the lugs to be. Shark Fin systems come with different color lugs for each grader so do not forget that important detail!

In regards to the turners the length of the turner arms is critical as are the “gullets” those are the serrated cut-outs in each turner arm that help to turn the lumber. These gullets are NOT standardized, with eight different sized gullets in service. The length and depth of the gullet must be measured and sent along with your quote request. Another detail on the replacement star turners is that you will have to drill four holes on each star to match the metal collars you have on site. This is the reason the turners do not come pre-drilled: each match on site will be different!

As far as cost, the replacement star turners are a few hundred dollars while lugs average about $72.00/each. Typical delivery is 3-4 weeks to ship, so be sure to consider the time-frame when anticipating your order.

For answers to your questions about the Shark Fin Board Turning System or to get a quote on replacement parts please contact Redwood Plastics.


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