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Product Spotlight: Redco Pusher Lugs

Posted by on October 16, 2017

The humble plastic pusher lug is a workhorse of the sawmill industry. Plastic pusher lugs, made from Redco polyurethane or UHMW, offer excellent impact and low-temperature tolerance (especially UHMW). These lugs will not mark the wood and also absorb shock. Being lighter than metal, these lugs reduce the amount of power required to move the chain and thus save some money in your power bill. Typical hardness for the polyurethane version of the product are Redco 80A or 75D and can be supplied in an array of colors, similar to Shark Fin lugs.

We offer 8 styles of lug and also can provide steel inserts if requested. A graphic of the available lug styles is below. For questions or a quotation on Redwood Plastics’ pusher lug product, please contact us today.


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