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Redco Titanium And Tivar 88 In Sawmill Applications

Posted by on July 17, 2017

Don’t let the title of this article fool you: it is not about comparing and contrasting Redco Titanium vs. Tivar 88. In fact, we here at Redwood Plastics would consider those plastics virtually interchangeable in sawmill applications. Both are premium types of UHMW, both will outwear and outlast reprocessed and natural grade UHMW in similar applications. Our branches stock differing levels of either plastic and being open to an “either or” substitution will help you save money and get your application on the go quickly.

Redco Titanium or Tivar 88 would be substituted for natural or reprocessed UHMW in areas where the product works but is failing too quickly. Two good examples would be wear strip or chain channel. Both products are more dimensionly-stable than regular or repro UHMW and both have a lower coefficient of friction. Both cost around 30% more than natural grade UHMW; however, these upfront costs are often balanced by a lower lifecycle cost as Titanium or Tivar 88 parts are replaced less often. Another important point is that both premium UHMW products are UV-stabilized for outdoor use: most people know natural (white) UHMW is not UV-stable but they seem to assume that “black UHMW” which most commonly is reprocessed UHMW is UV-stable. In reality, the amount of carbon black in reprocessed-grade UHMW is too small to qualify as UV-stable, it has “limited” UV resistance at best!

Ultimately the best way to see the benefits of Tivar 88 or Redco Titanium is to use it in your application. If you have specific questions on either material or would like help with your sawmill application please contact us.

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