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Product Spotlight: Trimmer Lugs

Posted by on October 11, 2016

The humble trimmer lug is one of the simplest but most effective products Redwood Plastics offers. The soft, yet durable, UHMW plastic lasts a long time and is easier on the lumber. The trimmer lugs are fairly inexpensive, ranging from perhaps $10-$19 depending on size and quantity. The 1″ pin in the center is fairly standard the outer diameter and length can vary though. Please be sure to measure – your won’t be able to refund the trimmer lugs as they are a custom part! It is recommended that you keep at least 10 spare trimmer lugs in stock in case of damage or wear. As a custom machined part, a lead time of a couple weeks to deliver replacements is not a good thing.

See the diagram below which is an outline of the trimmer lug with the exception of the pin, this are the dimensions that need to be confirmed to quote the lugs.











If you’re interested in a quotation on trimmer lugs, contact Redwood Plastics here.

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