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Redco Titanium – The Ultimate Option

Posted by on February 17, 2016

UHMW polyethylene provides numerous benefits in sawmill applications and has several decades of use in sawmills. UHMW has good impact resistance, good wear properties and a low coefficient of friction and helps sawmill and planar mills reduce maintenance downtime thus increasing profits. When regular UHMW needs replacement prematurely in an application or when premium performance is desired Redco Titanium* is there. Redco Titanium is a premium UHMW that is grey in color, it has the lowest coefficient of friction and also takes the most wear and impact. One might assume we only have Redco Titanium available in sheet form; however, we can also provide most of our channel insert profiles in Titanium. Some of our branches even stock their most popular channel profiles in Redco Titanium.

As you might expect, the upfront cost of Redco Titanium is about 50% more than regular UHMW but the benefits of reduced wear and downtime add up. So the next time you are considering channel insert or wear plate or other UHMW parts, consider Redco Titanium as an option. A Redwood Plastics representative would be happy to discuss the suitability of the material to your particular application. For questions or quote request on Redco Titanium material or parts please contact Redwood Plastics.

To view our Redco Titanium literature click here.

*Redco Tivar 88 has similar properties to Redco Titanium and may be suggested by your local representative because of increase availability.

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