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Cold Weather “Bionic Hooks”

Posted by on May 28, 2014

So, how was winter?

Polyurethane sorter hooks are a common application in sawmills. However, depending on the location of the mill the cold weather may cause problems. Especially like what most of North America experienced in 2014! Most hooks are made from 75D urethane and can get brittle in cold weather, which may result in hooks that break prematurely. This causes expensive downtime and the cost of additional hooks and is a serious problem for many sawmills. There is a solution: a J-hook molded from a slightly softer 60D durometer with a specially designed molded (not machined) elbow.

This is an innovative Redwood Plastics solution that has been in operation in Midwestern sawmills for years and was born out of customer’s desperation to find a cold weather solution. These specialty “cold weather” hooks will reduce maintenance downtime and result in your hooks being replaced less often.

For more details contact Redwood Plastics.

j - bar lumber sorter parts

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